Perks of Employing Social Media Strategies as an Essential Pre-Requisite in the Property Market

One needs to look at property investments with utmost interest if they need to prepare for a secured future. Just saving up money from your monthly salary account and accumulating just doesn’t cut it. One needs to make sure the money invested grows over time in order to reap formidable returns in the future. Godrej Reserve Project by Godrej properties is one such project which is located to perfection at Devanahalli in Bangalore. The project offers independent plots of land that are spread over 93 acres of land. The project has incorporated a forest where in-house residents can enjoy literally a forest as the backdrop for eco-friendly benefits. This is an interested concept that is employed by Godrej properties and is the first of its kind where a project consists of open independent plots of land that can be used for various benefits in the future. To make the approach customer-centric, residents are welcomed to the site to have a tour of the property and experience the amenities devised to land on concrete investment decisions.


Godrej Reserve


Traditionally, the way real estate market works was based on face-to-face interaction where residents have to consult real estate advisers, get their properties categorized and physically be present at the site to experience project features and make investment decisions. However, over the past couple of years, things have changed for the better. Property developers have now incorporated innovative strategies to outsource their marketing to social media platforms or employing resources where most of the marketing operations are performed online. With the implementation of rules by regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms like GST, the demand for affordable homes has increased significantly. Potential investors don’t have the necessary time and money to go around the city and meet property developers on a daily basis. It is also suggested that property investors approach professional real estate consultants before coming to any investment decisions. Social media is a fabulous platform to sell or market the property to a wide-range of investors having diverse investment expectations. There are convenience benefits as residents can save enough time and funds and come to specific purchase decisions. Rest assured, people interested in partnering with Godrej Reserve Devanahalli are in for a smooth ride towards a future which is profitable.

Have a broader reach via social media marketing

Lets now look at some perks that can be availed if property developers approach real estate property marketing using social media platforms. First thing is that a realtor can reach to a wide-range of property investors in a quick span of time. Originally, there were periodic follow-ups that were required where customers were asked to come to the site, have a property tour and then decide based on variable factor. With the help of social media and alternate customer preferences, it becomes easier for realtors to list their properties for their upcoming and ongoing projects so residents can research based on their interests. Based on demographic and geographic factors, property developers can target key markets based on standard of living and economic status of any given location.

Efficient planning and effective allocation of innovative ideas

We all are well-aware of the fact that one can find any sort of information on the internet. There are various mediums online where property features can be promoted. Be it blogs, public posting on several websites or creating your own company website, property developers can effectively plan their budget and execute their actions optimally. As far as potential investors are concerned, they can search for properties based on their convenience and connect with property developers directly. It becomes easier to segregate priorities regarding property investments as residents can search for residential projects based on the location they prefer, amenities they expect, design expectations and floor plans.

Technology at its very best via social media marketing

Social media has played a prominent role in the success of the property industry. Traditional methods of experiencing the property have taken a turn for the good. With the help of tools like virtual reality, residents sitting at home can view the property and experience amenities and floor plans. This saves time and is genuine in nature which eventually establishes profitable relationships.

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