Why Prefer A Home Walkable To Your Workplace?

Benefits of living near your workplace

Having a home at a walkable distance from your workplace makes perfect sense. But the area that provides you with your dream luxury within walkable junctures costs a huge amount and might not fall in the category of affordability. Either you have to compromise a square footage or you have to pay a premium amount to acquire your home in a close periphery of your office.

Before making up your mind to invest in any property that will do no good to you, know what rewards you are likely to face when you choose to invest in a property in close proximity to your office.

Saviour in chronophobia:

A significant part of your time is spent on daily travelling to the workplace and getting late. The fear of being late is chronophobia. Living in suburbs that are not well connected to the important junctures of the city or efficient public transport is quite a struggle. The only option left with you is taking your own vehicle to the office. Even though you don’t mind driving, you definitely would mind getting stuck in traffic jams and the time forcefully spend in that traffic. Be wise and then choose.


DNR Casablanca is a new project in Mahdevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca

Save you from additional cost in long run:

Living at a farther distance from the office, not only contributes to rising pollution of the city which should not be taken lightly, but you also increase your monthly financial expenses. If you are living with your family in an area where there is lack of robust public transportation. Sooner or later your family members might need to buy cars as well. This need will again arise a need of additional parking facilities, for which you will have to pay an additional amount to your society. In the light of this development, your affordable home will suddenly cease to look so affordable.

Enjoys high demand:

Rentals values of houses in suburbs are much lower when compared. A house in an area that is well developed like Whitefield that encloses big companies within, may give pangs in terms of affordability but is sure to reap a good return in future. Being in the prominent locality and nestling ITs, ITEs and Start-up companies it attracts a huge crowd. And there is always somebody waiting for abodes in such burgeoning place.

Freedom to travel back:

Having a house in proximity to your workplace is beneficial for your career. How? if your home lies at the far end of the city then you always have to hurry back from your workplace or business parties. For you, giving long hours to your job is not possible because you have to travel back to your home spending 6 to 7 hours every day. Having a home close to workplaces increases your availability at work and for seniors, which increases their dependency on you and benefits you in your career growth.

The boundless spear:

Having a house farther from the main city will ask you to wait for a long time before you enjoy the well-developed social and civic infrastructure of the city. As a resident of a house that is in proximities to your office not only gives your ease of access to job market but also makes it easy for you to spend your weekend after workspace toil in the well-established Civic and social infrastructure of that up-market.

So, planning to involve in buying a home? DNR Casablanca an affordable luxury amidst the vibrancy of Whitefield, the premium location of Bangalore is a supreme option. Located in Mahadevapura main road in Whitefield, DNR Casablanca enjoys the luxury of timely commute with just a walk to various IT companies and other Start-ups. It is just around a corner of schools, shopping malls, recreational centres and restaurants.

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